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We the People Salute is a website dedicated to America's fallen heroes.
The intention of this site is to etch the names of our heroes into history forever.
We the People salute all men and women who protect this great country.
While this site was donated in September of 2021 and currently reflects recent casualties, we will continue to back date our fallen heroes the best we can to ensure their honor is preserved forever.

Our troops pledge to defend America...We the People pledge to honor their memories!


Heavenly Father keep us safe,

Protect us from all that harms.

Look out for us when our eyes are closed,

For there is safety within your arms.

Provide us with the ability to win,

Show favor for us all.

Spare us from the agony of defeat,

But help us if we fall.

We fight to protect our coutry's land,
And for that we would surely die.

But our families want to survive,

And for them we will certainly try.

In the event this is our final battle,

Watch over our families and friends tonight

And if this is our last hoorah...

Bless us with eternal life!